ANGEL by Wendy Beasley

Great News!

ANGEL has been accepted for publication and will be released later this year so lots to look forward to.

Wendy Beasley

A Novel Talk with Wendy Beasley

“I have just spent a very enjoyable time chatting to Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee and thought I’d share it with you.”

A Novel Talk with Wendy Beasley

Welcome to my writers blog

Although this is called a blog experienced bloggers must bear with me, as I have no idea what to write in a blog, so will just use it to keep you updated with the news.

Firstly, hopefully you will have already looked at the two books that are published so far.

Wendy Beasley Giveaway Charlotte and the Fairies

Charlotte and the Fairies was the result of me trying to think of a story to help my five year old granddaughter settle in her new house. You will probably be surprised to know that she is now 24!  So that’s how long it sat on my computer doing nothing.

Wendy Beasley Giveaway Beasts and Butterflies

Beasts and Butterflies is a whole different genre, written for adults and quite dark, but equally as enjoyable to write.  

I love writing fiction, telling myself a story watching how it develops and having the power to end it however I like. Although a late starter I am hooked, and have continued writing with three more books waiting to be published.

The first is a follow up to Charlotte and the Fairies called Charlotte the Fairies and the Monster which I hope to get out later this year. 

Then there is The Sheepdog that Didn’t like Sheep this time for the 8 to 12 age range and tells the story of a little girl fighting to keep her puppy.

My next adult fiction is called Angel and this is even darker than Beasts and Butterflies and a bit of a thriller.

If things go well all three of these will be published before too long, and I am already writing another children’s book and another adult novel.  So lots more to come I hope.